Waec 2019 Withheld Results And When It Would Be Released — 1,629 Comments

  1. John on said:

    Pls release our this is February we need to registered jamb this year pls sir

  2. Saheed lateefat Eniola on said:

    Please sir&ma please release my waec gce second series because I don’t know why you held my result am not into examination malpractice I did it my self and I want to write jamb this year and without that I can’t get my jamb please am begging for the sake of God release our result this month because I suffer to get money for the registration no father no mother and no family to help am begging you with crying on my face

  3. Ayolara on said:

    Waec officials are working to attaining academical excellence, but it is never done like this, am innocent and never guilty, I observed all the rules I heard and know about waecbwith all diligence most especially the one the at the mast back of every leaflet still my result held, they mock me, saying you read, we will play but we will pass, we have money, is it all about reading or money, I think examination should be controlled not result dispatching, it’s out of time we the innocent get punished and we have morons looking us like book sign board, waec I thank for the shame you brought to me

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Distinguished Sir and Madam, this has been barely 3 months since I wrote my Gce exam and this is a new year but I am yet to see my results… I was informed that it was ought to be released by the second week of December 2019, but this is the 3rd of January and still no positive outcome.. I even went as far as laying this same complaint to your office at Ogba and I was told that it will be released by January.. Please Sir and Madam in Charge, with all due respect, this controversy and continuous problem wouldn’t have persisted if any of your offspring or relations were part of those candidates that their results were held.. I have waited for good 3 months and nothing was shown for it… This is certainly not the way things are done.. I am not speaking for myself alone, I am speaking for those candidates that their results were held and is yet to be released.. All I am saying is that you listen to the cries of those innocent children and consider releasing their results because most of them are sitting at home because of these results that were held… May your board and Legislators not experience any form of sadness in this new year; God in his infinite mercy will definitely promote each and everyone of you into a newer position..

    Thank you sir and madam..

  5. Ayomide on said:

    Pls I need my result ,if I did not see my result it can take my life ,because I suffered to see the money to pay for the exam,pls release our result , please 😪😭😭😭😭,I beg you people,pls Sir’s Nd MA’s,i beg in d name of d ALMIGHTY God ,u will not cry over ur children.

    • I understand how you feel. But please calm down. Your result will be out soon

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Pls sir have mercy on us
    Release our gce second series result
    Some of us are innocent…..please have mercy on us for God sake

  7. olayemi ashiru on said:

    pls sir release my result

  8. victor on said:

    please waec,release my waec gce result 2019.i know you people are doing your duty please for God Sake

  9. Amos simeon on said:

    Sir, one my guy kill he self becauses held resut is it good

    • Anonymous on said:

      so sad

  10. Amos simeon on said:

    Sir one kill he self becauses held resut is it good

  11. Anonymous on said:

    When will the 2019 witheld waec result be released

  12. Nelson on said:

    Please sir is on 6 of December that I need to go for exams with my GCE result release it for Christ sake

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Plaase wace officials please release my result that my last hope please no father again to get another Form please release my result by the mercy of God

  14. good on said:

    will the held waec gce results also be released within now and 2nd week of december?

  15. Larry ibinabo briggs on said:

    Pls release my waec gce I need the chemistry I did it on my own pls

  16. James Destiny on said:

    They will soon release it no worries

  17. usman muhammed abajidda on said:

    I plead with Waec board, please all my result is been held after all I went through writing this exam, I’m pleading to the management’s for the release of my result.. pls and pls

    • NEC Meeting has been held. Your result will be released between now and December if you are not guilty of examination Malpratice

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Am using my tears to beg you please release my result,I know what I went tru to pay for the exam.😭😭😭

  19. Emmanuel Anuoluwapo Ademidun on said:

    Pls release our result most of us were innocent especially me tha my mum borrowed money so that I can write the exam now I didn’t see my result😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Timilehin oyetoro on said:

    Pls I beg u release my result, my school will release admission list soon and I haven’t uploaded my result pls nah, my mom know wat she did b4 seeing money for me to register oo please oo

    • Johnson Bright Nosa on said:

      Abeg .. for God seek , it not actually easy for us to get money to re-write another waec , please I beg release held results @this is the third waec : first maths and English secondly biology and now all held
      Please consider us sir

    • John collins on said:

      Pls Waec,I beg of you to release our result pls

  21. Anonymous on said:

    Pls release my waec ,I did 2018 waec and the English is not good ,d7 in English language and I planned to do another Weac this year …why me pls am begging you sir

  22. Anonymous on said:

    When will waec 2019 withheld results will be released, plz if u no tell me.

  23. BASHIR YAKUBU on said:

    please for the sake of god an your mother released the waec of 2019,i wrote waec only because of insufficient money.please sir

    • Anonymous on said:

      Please sir, help us release 2019 waec result because my daughter wrote the exam this year and there is no other way to get money for another exam, because there is no other person to support me in time of financial assistant except God. Thank you sir.

    • Anonymous on said:

      You should have the heart and pity to release the result you held..why are you not releasing? People that are innocent of a so called malpractice you are still holding their result? Since when did you start being serious? Even if you were involved in the malpractice is it the fault of the candidate when the corruption level is high? Had the officials not collect bribery will the candidates get a hold of answers to their exams? I think you should question all waec officials instead of holding innocent don’t care about the hardship a lot of propel went through

  24. Anonymous on said:

    Please and please sir release our result. Thanks

  25. ikechukwu marvellous gibson on said:

    pls sir I’m begging release my 2019 waec result admission is running out i want make use of it pls for christ sake

  26. Oyekanmi Elijah on said:

    pls sir i begging you in the name of God pls release my result

    • Patience zamani on said:

      Please sir you people should release our results please admissions are running out please sir my mom think I ate the money please sir I beg u with what you own most in the world please have mercy

  27. Atoyebi joshua on said:

    Please waec officials release our result we are beging you for God sake admission is runing out

  28. okoh Deborah on said:

    Pls weac officers release our weac result we are all beging pls God bless you all as umyou realese our results

  29. Abubakar sadiq on said:

    sir help us because we have to upload to jamb for addmition.. pls sir

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