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    Please send me weac questions on en

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    She never informed her children of her intention to visit because she always expect them to be at house

    Mama whiled away the hours on the journey by chatting with a fellow passenger with whom she had a common reason for visitation

    Mama couldn’t pay her taxi fare completely. Mama couldn’t communicate well with the new watchman due to language barrier

    The taxi driver left with own of Mama’s bags because she owed him.

    Mama will never forget what she had for dinner because that wasn’t the kind of food she eats when she visits her daughter

    (i) Relative or adjectival cause
    (ii) Functions as object complement to the word “passenger”

    Mama learnt to always call before visiting

    (i) unimaginable – unbelievable.
    (ii)heartily – sincerely.
    (iii) Outrageous- shocking.
    (iv) numerous – many.
    (v) Frantically- desperately.
    (vi) fraudulent- deceitful.

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    pls ,is any can ask me question on English language

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    is it 2019 waec english questions?
    if no, please i need it

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    Waw it’s waec questions

    • please can I get English language both objective and testoforal questions and answers right now

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    The question are clear but is it waec or Gce

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    Is this a waec question or GCE

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    it this for 29 sept

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