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Jamb Physics Past Questions And Topics To Read | Download PDF — 81 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    What the syllabus

  2. Victory on said:

    Please English,physics,chemistry, biology

  3. Akinyemi Ademola Moses on said:

    please i need biology, physics, chemistry and English past questions

  4. Treasure on said:

    AM writting Jamb this year for the first time but physics is my major problem. I really need help plz

    • Anonymous on said:

      Brother physics is my problem to.

  5. okonana oghenemine on said:

    good idea

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Pls English physics biology chemistry

  7. vera colins on said:

    I need a hand in physics please who will help me

  8. vera collins on said:

    is it a must to write math in jamb?

  9. Abiodun Mathew on said:

    Sir I’m equally writing jamb for the first time and I need past question on English mathematics physics and chemistry

    • rabiot rabiu usman on said:

      i just need exacly what dis guy say

  10. Itz mizta Bennett kc on said:

    Thanks for the syllables you provided for us ..But is there any help to score up to 250 in jamb .. Subject overed :physics, chemistry, biology, English.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Tanks alot sir dis my first time i need more jamb past questions from 2014 – 2017

  12. Esther David Etuk on said:

    sir diz is my first time of writing Jamb plz sir I need ur help by giving me past questions on physics,biology,chemistry n use of English. l will be very grateful Sir.

    • Graham sopiriala on said:

      Am in need as wel.pls sir

    • Anonymous on said:

      sir am in need of physics English chemistry and biology pass questions pls

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Physics past questions can’t be download and i wonder why .

  14. kadiri muniru on said:

    please I need help, this is first time of me writing jamb so I need physics past questions.

  15. ogunbodede kemi on said:

    I need English, biology, chemistry, physics this is my first time of writing jamb

  16. Austin on said:

    Please I need help in some physics questions

    • Anonymous on said:

      Yes I do

  17. Ernest on said:

    Please I am in need of English, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for next year.

  18. Itolexy on said:

    I am in need of science pq such as physics,maths,chemistry,biology

  19. Gezelle Dee on said:

    This is my first time to write jamb and I need past questions and answer in physics,mathematics, English and computer.so pls help me out with these past questions and answers

  20. Hitler on said:

    hw cn i dnwload the physics past question

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