Jamb Direct Entry Change Of Course And Institution 2020 — 21 Comments

  1. Hello,
    Please, someone should help me with the questions. Is it possible for an NCE holder to do a changing of course to any professional course in University or during the admission process?

  2. i did ND at nastech in tourism wit GP 3.50 nd i wnt to chnge to cputer science at FULAFIA d e is it possible.

  3. I was on able to do my change of institution via Direct Entry today, I was told that change of institution for DE 2019 has not commenced. Pls my question is, Is the information true ,because i don’t understand .

  4. Pls after changing ur D.E course/institution ,wil any slip be printed for you?? And if yes!! d slip always ask one to reprint your result can u do it when u did not take part in the utme exam cos u r for direct entry??? And it says dat d slip is invalid,dat jamb will treat only a genuinely submitted change of cox!!!
    So wat is one suppose to do??

  5. I went to jam b office they told me i cannot change my institution that i should wait after the exam, and now i don’t know what to do

  6. have did the changing of course and institutions and its as been successful but the school which I choose as not yet seen my changing what do I do did my regnum 75674999BB and my e mail [email protected]

  7. have did my changing of institution but the the school as not yet seen my name ,what do I do and I won’t to do the screening

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