All Ongoing Undergraduate Scholarships For Students In Nigeria 2018/2019 — 61 Comments

  1. i am an o level student(waec) and i need to study abroad for my course, aeronautical engineering. please just help me

  2. Pls sir can some one with ond certificate apply for undergraduate scholarship.. pls your reply is very important, thank you..

  3. Hi sir..
    This page has brought me to certain reality which leaves me dumb founded..av realy lacked this information.Tnkz sir for ur effort isnt in vain…buh plz am currently in 300level studying Industrial chemistry..though on internship which am yet to begin dere any hope of applying for scholarship??

  4. Hey 👧 please what are the available scholarships ongoing right now or upcoming
    please don’t ignore me and give me an answer. Thank you

  5. pls sir is there any special education scholarship that is on ground I’ll like to apply and if there is none when will it b open

  6. wow, thanks for this amazing and detailed list of available scholarships in Nigeria.
    Many a time, students fail to realize the myriad of opportunities available to them through scholarships in Nigeria.
    The few ones who know seize the opportunity to win multiple scholarships from the various scholarships you have outlined above.
    Thanks for bringing these to perspective .
    Similar list can be found here:
    scholarsarena. net/top-20-scholarships-for-nigerian-students-in-2018/

  7. Am an undergraduate I need scholarship sir, I would like you to assist me in getting one bcause I would like to further my education

  8. Well done sir! I’ll be in 100 level this year March by God’s grace. I want to ask if I can apply for any of the scholarships listed above. If no, when should I apply? Thanks in anticipation of a favorable reply.

  9. Sir, please am presently in HND 2 I need an update for scholarship in engineering for those of us in polytechnic. Thank you

  10. sir I need scholarship updates on educational is only science field and engineering I always see .pls and it is for 300l. thanks

  11. Good job sir, continue in well as ur reward awaits. Please don’t fail to post the valid Infos on time when each of the scholarship application begins. Thanks sir

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