What To Expect In Waec Government And Hot Questions — 43 Comments

  1. Aza Kojo on said:

    Please I need government questions both the theory and objectives

  2. Opoku Bright on said:

    I need the goverment objective and also the theory

    • Anonymous on said:

      i needed the both answers theory and objective

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Where are the answers please

  4. Anonymous on said:

    We need to learn very hard to eat this hot cake

  5. Tolani on said:

    Where are the answer

  6. Jubril on said:

    Please I need the answer

  7. Anonymous on said:

    What about the answers

    • Anonymous on said:

      Go and read ur textbooks for the answers. I recommend Essential government or Government Simplified and Amplified.

  8. Itz mhe Tee best on said:

    Is that real

  9. Baepacito on said:

    Pls are all this questions correct if yes thank you very much

  10. oluwatobi on said:

    where is the answer,i need it

  11. NANCY MAHAMAH on said:

    I am a 2019 candidates

  12. Taken sharone on said:

    Pls I really need questions on geography paper1and 2

  13. Caleb on said:

    We need to study hard

  14. FOG on said:

    Hope it is correct can we get the answer

  15. FOG on said:

    Hope it is correct

    • Emmanuel Francis on said:

      I need your help

  16. Anonymous on said:

    is this real or joke

  17. moussa abdoul bagui on said:

    God help us in this exam

  18. Emmanuel Oluwarotimi on said:

    May Almighty God Help Us To Pass The Exams


    amen those are lie

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