Learn Blogging SO4E6: Reasons Students Should Blog — 13 Comments

  1. Dimeji on said:

    Pls like how much can I used to start own a blog

  2. Joe on said:

    great, I have started a free blog last 3 month, but don’t know how to grow it. I am still learning c# web developer.

  3. unclebay on said:

    oh sorry this is an old post but still helpful
    how can I start?

  4. Isaac Jasper on said:

    Boss remember you did promise to teach me the business,and i’m still waiting for you!

  5. Follow my blog, started it yesterday. Please I need your support, thank you.

  6. Femi on said:

    It was my dream to become a wapmaster
    ..I started long time ago but I was finding it difficult so I quit..
    bcos I never knew. it requires more skill on HTML CSS PHP AND JAVASCRIPT…. I hope blogging is as difficult like dat..pls I need ur advice.

    • You can start blogging without any programming skill. It’s very easy to start….

  7. Darlington on said:

    Hi, i did tell u in reply 2 one of ur Jamb post that i wntd 2 b a blogger like u someday or maybe better(lol) but there are a few things (advice mostly) that i kinda wnt 2 know 4rm an experienced blogger like ursef nd i would rather ask u in private if u dnt mynd.
    Please reply asap

  8. Dozzy on said:

    Nice write up,i am thinking of starting one.Watch out soon

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