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About Jamb Central Admission Processing System (JAMB CAPS) — 240 Comments

  1. Hello Sir, the School has offer me admission but Jamb is Still displaying No admission offered yet. Pls what should i do.

  2. Sir anytime I log in to jamb caps,its always showing invalid credentials when it’s actually correct. sir what could be the problem. I am feeling nervous


  3. When I log in I jamb caps I could not see my details and I uploaded my results while registering and it is written ‘sorry no admission offered yet’please,what could be the problem?

  4. Even Mine It Shows Invalid Email Or Password While They Are Correct.
    What Is The Matter?

  5. Pls sir? Despite my been admitted by school and uploaded the o’level, my caps is still showing not admitted.
    What is this mean?

  6. my jamb caps is showing me WELLSPRING UNIVERSITY
    in my marketplace, and i rejected it but it will not just live there and i am not admitted

  7. My daughter apply for law but she has an aggregate of 71 instead of 74.75,but not to waste her time,I approached the dean on the issue from the faculty of arts,but today when I checked caps,the course has been changed but not admitted is still written bodily there.Pls is there any chance?

  8. Pls sir. I changed university due to low score to another university, an now the previous university have promised to give me admission. Is it possible for me to see it in jamb caps or has it a solution to bring back previous university as my first choice to accept it. Pls i need answers?

  9. sir, my email is having problem it is writing invalid but am confuse Bcs I used my teacher’s email during jamb registration but my own for my school processing which had mistake at d email what can I do

  10. If i reject an admission because of the course I’m offered,is it possible for me to be reconsidered for another course by the same university and what happens if I don’t accept nor reject an admission?

  11. Hello sir.
    I’ve been admitted on jamb caps and I accepted it but when I checked the schools list they said my jamb reg no is not found in the list.What do I do

  12. If u have been considered for admission in jamb marketplace does DAT means d school u applied for has rejected u

  13. I mistakenly press the accept button in jamb caps… When have not been admitted.. Pls can diz affect my admission into dah same school

  14. PLS I checked the jamb caps and they have given me admission but the school hasn’t… Why and should I accept the admission?
    I need explanation on that PLS

  15. My is still say not admitted even when the school have not started giving admission does that mean that it is only through jamb caps that admission can be given??

  16. please with this resent JAMB CAPS system can someone be offered admission by two different universities at the same time and again what is JAMB trying to regulate with this CAPS system.

  17. Mr flash pls hve been qualified for my course since last yearinfedpolyado and i was asked to change d school to my first choice and i did i heard 55.55 in post screenin still z writin no admission given and jamb z sayin i did not register for jamb which i did i dnt understand wat z goin pls help me out

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