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How You Can Finally Fall In Love With Chemistry — 15 Comments

  1. Damilare on said:

    hope science student can use science o level result to do theater art Courses in institution please

  2. GRACE on said:

    I never love chemistry but now your words have motivated me…….the funny aspect is then your village people are following you

  3. ESTHER on said:


  4. Glory on said:

    Thanks Mr.Isaac

  5. Magdalene on said:

    From today I love chemistry thank you Issac the Lord has used u to bless me to read chemistry..God bless u very much amen

  6. Eze shadrack on said:

    Am now guru in chemistry

  7. Folorunso Blessing on said:

    Wow!!! with all this chemistry is gonna gain my attention “chemistry be prepared for my suprise visit” GOD BLESS YOU ISAAC FLASHLEARNERS…

  8. Soneye Saheed on said:

    Chemistry was my best subject back in Secondary school days. Even now, I love Chemistry and lot. It’s very true that chemistry is volatile.

    Trying to know laws, formulas, analytical tests, organic chemistry, balancing equations and all those can be very frustrating. There are some study techniques you need to put in practice such as use of mnemonics(this is my favorite).

    The truth is you have to love it to know it. You have to find pleasure in studying Chemistry. It is a very interesting subject but you need to be COMMITED to it. You have to re-read most of the topics over and over again to fully understand it.

    Chemistry is very interesting and I find joy reading it. Trust me, Chemistry is also one of the easiest subject if you use the right methods.

    Thanks Mr. Isaac for this wonderful piece. I also wrote an article on success tips for every student. You may want to check it out.

  9. Strongheart on said:

    From today i love chemistry “you attract what you like”

  10. Nma on said:

    Awesome…. I love chemistry
    God bless you flash Isaac

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