Jamb Did Not Cancel Results For 2020 And Site Not Hacked — 4 Comments

  1. Jeremiah saviour udom on said:

    Please is only my in house no body care for me am the only one who sponsor self everything pls is not true that this is my score 142 pls let check it back

  2. Jeremiah saviour udom on said:

    Please am not sure that this my jamb score this not my score pls am begin u in the name God pls to check it back for me pls this not my score pls my registration number is 22103498jf

  3. Oly on said:

    They should better use this time to remark and cross-check some results oh! I can’t score 259: No not me. JAMB please, check and check again. Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

  4. Happiness on said:

    Well I must say, that this is painful because those that did not participate in such kind of act are the ones that is really affecting I really want to see my jamb scores I tired of the whole story is really affecting me a lot because I am the one sponsoring my self in every thing

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