Why Jamb Should Extend Direct Entry Registration Deadline For 2020 — 460 Comments

  1. Olabode Aishat on said:

    Jamb should please reopen direct entry portal

  2. Abdullah isa on said:

    Pls jamb we beg you in the name of the almighty god. Consider us and reopen the portal for D.E because numerous student have missed the registration.

  3. Akawe Richard Orfega on said:

    Plending for a second chance, D.E Form

  4. Ola on said:

    Jamb please reopened the DE site for us please we need to enter school this year please sir do something

  5. Oyerinde praise on said:

    Sir we beg you in the name of God,sir please can you kindly open the portal for late registration of direct entry,we will be forever grateful. GOD BLESS NIGERIA. AMEN


    Please and please sir to extend the date for DE, I was lack of information thought that i need to obtained my result before enrolment, please sir i beg you with God to open the portal even though it won’t take longer

  7. arepo kifayat on said:

    Please I beg for this page to b reopened ….because the information never got to us all

    I plead for it to be extended to March so majority of students would get it

  8. Enya John on said:

    Sir,pls,use ur good office to help ur children,reopen de portal for us.thks

  9. Emeka Daniel on said:

    My humble applaud to the management, JOINT MATRICULATION ADMINISTRATION BOARD(JAMB) as to their credible effort in promoting tertiary academics in our highly esteem nation(NIGERIA), to such we tend not to mute triumphant.
    However, in absolute humility and expedient benefit of our poor humble self, we plead the JAMB MANAGEMENT to please help to the interest of good number of students extended the registration date for DIRECT ENTRY STUDENTS
    Your eloquent credibility stands no trial of doubt and so we largely appreciate your eminent consideration toward our academic pursuits as we pledge to Nigeria our country to be faithful, loyal and honest.
    Love Nigeria, Love Jamb

    Emeka Daniel.

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Jamb should please extend DE registration because i thought it will be as usual after normal jamb exam

  11. Tom Plangnan on said:

    Still on the subject matter,we plead that the site should be reopened for those that were unable to reach out.
    Pls reconsider this. ThanK You

  12. Abel Ayuba on said:

    some have to gather money to register and as of the closing date our money is nt up to nt until now and the date is off.pleas they should help d poor masses of Nigeria to go to school by reopening the jamb and D.E registration even if it is for two days we wil for ever remain great full.

  13. Chioma on said:

    Pls we really want the site to be reopened just so that our friends and loved ones that didn’t partake in the registration could have opportunity to.. Sir we would be grateful if our plead is hearken to..

  14. Anonymous on said:

    please sir reopen the DE jamb portal for us to get chance to register please.

  15. KUBUZA on said:

    Please JAMB should do us FAVOUR so that we can register too, I check last time for closing date but they said closing date is UTME is 17th while DE is closing date is 22 February, without knowing that they will close the same date. PLEASE JAMB SHOULD US FAVOUR PLEASE.

  16. Must on said:

    My opinion on the res of jamb direct entry registration opening and closing alongside the utme;
    First….I do prophess it to be a lacuna, it is almost impossible to achieve going by d fact that most OND results never sups within the period proposed by jamb for the registration.
    Secondly… Most candidates finds it uneasy registering with an awaiting result details which makes them unsure of their grades in the eventual outcome of their exams.
    Thirdly… Even if the money is always available for the candidates to purchase the form,there should be a reasonable time to accommodate the procedures ought to be observed having thousands of candidates to register in almost all part of the country since there will be regularisation too.
    Lastly… I also think there should be a month or two prior to the actual date for proper awareness or notification to candidates to prepare for this exercise to avoid these unnecessary haste and disappointment. After all we should consider the fact that some candidates finishes their prelims and still don’t get admitted by various institutions until after a year or even more since its the institutions that has the right to chose their D.E candidates.

    So for me,there’s gonna always be those reasons for the portal to be reopened annually by jamb if truly they are suppose to serve the scholars in due fairness.

  17. Ayo Alabi on said:

    Please open the D.E portal. Save a life.

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Please sir
    I plead with u
    By the mercies of God
    Please open jamb utme portal again so.we plead 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Abubakar adam on said:

    Pls help us to open the DE portal again since we were having problems with the realization and I have paid but have not registered

  20. Abubakar adam on said:

    Pls help us to open the DE portal again since we were having problems with the realization

  21. Christy on said:

    Please help reopen the DE portal, in the name of God, I wasn’t aware that jamb is also selling DE form, I was thinking the DE form will be purchased from the prospective schools. Please in the name of God, Allah. Please have mercy on us. Thank you

  22. Odumakin on said:

    Please extend the closing date..
    🙏🙏🙏🙏will really appreciate the you accept the request

  23. Damilola on said:

    Please I beg of u to reopen the DE registration date for us please sir

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