How to Report Bloggers Copying Original Content — 16 Comments

  1. Akemim on said:

    It’s surprising to see on your list, can you provide me with links of the contents copied from your site?….

    This is the very first time of visiting your site, as I got to know about this post from a friend…

  2. Mr Solution on said:

    Bro, ur site get quality content. My site is actually for runs but I post some of ur content just to impact knowledge to my visitors so that they will not rely on expo.

  3. Dolapo on said:

    Honestly. This post got me laughing. I used to write back then on Nairaland around 2014 and I didn’t know much about blogging.

    I decided to open my Blog ( this year after several research. I now went back to search online those stuffs I have been writing back then. To my greatest surprise, many bloggers have copied those things. Its painful tho.

    Copying starts in the class, you should know how to copy with brain, edit and use your own words.

    Isaac, well done bro. Keep up the good work. I just hope they won’t copy this comment too. Lol.

  4. prince on said:

    Bro please I have pleaded to u
    please don’t do something to my website
    I plead bro
    God bless you


  5. BEN10 on said:

    Lolz. Some bloggers can copy for Africa. Copying schools news is not bad cos you can’t change the information. But copying other contents created by somebody word for word per se is not encouraged. Even if you want to copy, you have to read the content and atleast understand it and be able to out it down in your own words, that one is different.

      • Adekoya on said:

        I will give you a simple tips on how to steal their readers always include your site name in between post make it appear like 5 times on your post. Like flashlearners or flashlearners*com make sure it don’t appear like a link. Copy cart bloggers don’t read so they copy and dump. And move on lol.
        There was a day naijaloaded copy my tech news and past on his blog..honestly that week alone my traffic tripled.

  6. Adekoya on said:

    All bloggers are the same, you will find post utme information of schools on different websites… Same information, even here too I have found some but now I observed you now write your self

    • 1. All bloggers are not the same..
      2. Copying posts on school news or admission is not bad…. At least, you can’t do much to change the news. The news follows same pattern and from common source.
      3. The issue is copying Unique or tutorial content someone spends days to create without giving credit. Hope you understand?

      • Law P on said:

        This is true

  7. Naijaactive on said:

    it done have taken it down

  8. Soneye Saheed on said:

    It is really painful when people copy your contents, especially when they outrank you in Google search engine.

    The start getting traffic for what they have not worked for while the real owner gets less traffic.

    I have been implementing this method to take down copybloggers that copy and paste contents from my blog

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