12 Stupid Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In Jamb 2021 — 35 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    The way the guy said there will be no text sent to you .
    He is pained 😂

  2. Victoria on said:

    Please d name jamb sent to me on my profile code is imeh Victoria Gloria but the real name is imeh Victoria udoh….will it affect my admission?pls am scared😣

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I missed my jamb can I still rewrite it dis year

  4. Great George on said:

    Please I used my official email address to register for jamb 2019 and I think it’s hacked because I cannot access the email no more
    Please can i change the email address ASAP??
    Thanks in advance…

  5. Anonymous on said:

    Sir ,I’m rewriting Jamb ,can I use the number and email I used last year to re register or do I need to get another?

    • Anonymous on said:

      My sister also have the same issue.

  6. Btr on said:

    Air I mistakenly submitted 2017 as the date I wrote waec instead of 2018 , pls will that be a problem?? 😭😭😭

  7. Ella on said:

    Please if you mistakenly send your name to 55019 with the number you used last year and they sent you the same profile code for last year and you paid the N4700 in the cyber cafe can you use another phone number to get a new profile code and pay again b4 filling the form for jamb profile

    • Jeromario Udoh on said:

      that is the same problem I am facing here

  8. David blessing on said:

    In jamb, if u missed 10 questions out of 50 questions, will they deduct those questions u missed frm ur actual scores?

  9. EDDY JUMBO on said:


  10. Helen on said:

    Sir pls I missed my exam due to wrong information about the date for the exam,will I rewrite?

  11. ishakuabdulhamidduja on said:

    sir I make mistake for my email address instead of ishaku abdulhamidduja and the man write ishaku aduihamidduja what can I do now I will get problem for writing my jamb

      • Abumere glory on said:

        Will it work like that.?

      • Abumere Glory on said:

        Pls I also made same mistake. Instead of abglory they out abiglory, if I create a new gmail acc with that name will it be okay.?

  12. paul Inemesit Anthony on said:

    pls i mistakenly paid for d.e instead of utme.pls wad cn i do to get out of dis mess.

  13. sammy on said:

    pls I mistakenly put some subject that do not respond to my qualification, pls what should I do

  14. Micheal on said:

    I used another persons picture can it be changed?

  15. omofoma deborah on said:

    plz sir can I change institution after registration

  16. talia nosira on said:

    pls d person that register me mistakenly put another institute instead of d one I told him to use,and pls what imm I going to do

  17. Teejay on said:

    My email was wrongly registered. Can that affect my registration

  18. Adam on said:

    yes I did.but she said except we buy another pin for d person that she used her pin to register me am really confuse,n I wish to write the mock exam

  19. Adam on said:

    plz d registrar made a mistake n register me wit another person pin n surname n I even did thumb printing on d person registration pin, but I haven’t used my own pin, plz can that mistake be rectify n how?

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