SSCE Series Part 22: How Long It Takes To Release Original Result — 56 Comments

  1. Onwuegbucham Ugochi Peculiar on said:

    please tell us when the original result is going to be out.
    i really need to know the date so i can go and pick up mine.

  2. Swami lenaan kamwai on said:

    Dear manggumpack how are you how was the condition of weac and neco exammination 2021 pleca i wan you people to help mean with weac and neco exammination anwser

  3. Anonymous on said:


  4. Anonymous on said:

    Why are u not answering all the questio ns how am I sure that u are going to answer me

  5. Iddrisu on said:

    Please when will 2019 weac original certificate be out

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Please is the original waec certificate for 2019 out

  7. Musah haffiza on said:

    Please sir I write Nov/Dec 2018 but the arrangement of my name instead of surname first I mistakenly wrote first name.i want to weac to rearrange the name for will they change for me when the original certificate out.

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