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Jamb Ultimate Chat Room With Flash Isaac — 41 Comments

  1. Powel on said:

    Can i score 350 in jamb with just one month reading

  2. Debbie on said:

    Can I successfully score 380+ in jamb with only 3 months to read?

  3. John Goteh on said:

    I want to write jamb next year , please sir I need your help.

  4. Otabor prince on said:

    Thank you

  5. Charles Edward on said:

    Good morning sire, I just came across this page now, though I might have seen this abit late, I believe it’s still ok too. I really love what I see.
    Please sire, when are jambites comencing their reprinting?

  6. Belinda on said:

    nice work keep it up…..

  7. Andrew Gideon on said:

    Evening sir pls can’t you upload on YouTube physic topics dat is well treated de way u did on variation based on jamb ??

  8. chinomnso on said:

    pls sir it ok to use my waec. as am awaiting

  9. chinomnso on said:

    pls what subjects. do I have to write in jamb I am a commercial. student pls enlighten. me more because. this is my first jamb and I don’t. want to to write. it again pls

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