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Jamb Series Part 5: Jamb Questions And Answers — 128 Comments

  1. Stanley on said:

    I really need 4 chemistry and agriculture

  2. Isaac torkuma terhemba on said:

    Pls i need pass jamb question for 2018

  3. OLADOSU SAMSON on said:

    I need pass question for jamb

  4. korobe prince on said:

    please i need 2019 past question for english, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

  5. ken on said:

    I need it

  6. chelsea nita on said:

    pls i need past questions for physics,biology chemistry and english.

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I need pass question for geography

  8. Timmy on said:

    I kindly need jamb questions and answers for 2019 following subject, mathematics, English manage, physic, chemistry!!!

  9. Mbadugha Anthony on said:

    Please I need question and answer on English, mathematics, physics and chemistry

  10. omirigbe Michael on said:

    hello sir pls i need past question and answer in above subject, biology , chemistry, physics, and English

  11. blessing imoh on said:

    i need questions from biology physics and chemistry

  12. Anonymous on said:


  13. Joy on said:

    I need jamb question and answer 2019

  14. Johnson Abimbola on said:

    Thanks for providing us with relevant informations on this page. Please,i’m requesting for past questions from 2009 to 2018 for Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.Also, the hot topics to focus on and expected questions for 2019. I will be awaiting your reply. Thanks for your consideration!

    • happiness eyo Asuquo on said:

      Biology physics mathematics English

  15. Oludare flourish on said:

    I need physics questions please for 2019 jamb

    • Kenneth on said:

      I need physics please

  16. Obasi Assumpta on said:

    Please i need 2019 questions and answers for English mathematics government and economics

    • Anonymous on said:

      I need it two

  17. loveday on said:

    i need past qust ad answers in physics, chemistry

  18. loveday e on said:

    plz i need past question in physics ad chemistry,mathatiec

  19. Anonymous on said:

    i need physics
    pass quision

    • sobulachi on said:

      i need2019 past jamb question

  20. Deborah on said:

    Pls I need jamb question for mathematics English economic an government

    • AGWA ISAAC SAYS on said:


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