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Reasons For Low Google AdSense CPC in Nigeria — 14 Comments

  1. Gandhi on said:


  2. Gandhi on said:

    Pls, How’ do I rank Google first page

  3. BTV. on said:

    Good day Admin, am having issues getting approved for adsense is it the pandemic? Or something else? What is wrong?

    I dont adsense on your blog, whats wrong? Or u no longer use it.

    • Pandemic shouldn’t affect approval. And for my blog, I have temporarily removed the header ads to boost user experience.

      • BTV. on said:

        Its taking a one – 2, before getting a respond, and also, what can i do to improve the earning incase i get approved.

          • BTV on said:

            Noted! But i still got disapproved. Currently, i have delete all my content and abadoned the adsense, its annoy. Am currently thinking of creating a new blog but still confused that i may dump it for same or other reasons.

            Any advise? Am already tired of blogging, been blogging for a years and still havent earned any penny. Everything just wasted for no reasons. Its all and so annoying.

            • If your content are unique and you have a passion for blogging, then you will persist.

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