40 Jamb Government Likely Questions And Answers — 126 Comments

  1. With this sir I Know my success is sure,you have just given me area of Concentration,I really appreciate your efforts on this,God bless you sir

  2. I have start mine but I think after reading the question and answers it will surely help thanks cause you just give me some exact point to read in govt

  3. Sir,I think the answer to number 1 is recall and not impeachment since it’s by the electorate and not the legislature,thanks for the post,God bless you sir.

  4. This questions are great this is my first attempt on it but it is the best so far but am kind of confused with question 6 pls I need the correct answer others says its Male franchise

    • Boobs lol … Well.. BT he Neva said DAT dis re d questions DAT would come out.. He said der z a probability

  5. Tnx a lot 4 dis question but I gatta read more on ma own hope dey’d b likely 2 d 1 we r writing wish us success

  6. The Richard constitution was intended to last for nine years {9} but because of it shorth comings.It broke down in the fouth year

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