1001 Powerful And Amazing Key Points In Jamb Physics — 237 Comments

  1. I love the way you arranged the questions because I have tried reading the past questions and a jamb app for questions and both keep giving me contrasting answers to the same question.thanks a lot. I owe you one

  2. some people don’t just understand that this is not runz
    it’s kind of likely questions sha
    Mine is today 1:30 pm

  3. Thank u so much sir, God bless u sir.

    Plz I need help in biology, physics n chemistry am writing tomorrow by 9am

  4. Thank u so much sir,this is really time saving, my exams is tomorrow by 1 30pm,I need more assistance, thank

  5. May God bless u
    Thank u so much sir
    I really find this helpful
    But pls I want u to be my mentor.
    Your assistance is highly needed

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