40 Jamb Government Likely Questions And Answers — 135 Comments

  1. DARA OYEBANJI on said:

    DIS is so fantabulous

  2. Tola on said:

    I really appreciate this sir,it easily prepare someone towards the exam

  3. Chisom on said:

    My exam is today, thanks a lot

  4. Zainab on said:

    Thanks alot I really appreciate it

  5. Princess on said:

    It’s filibuster that’s used to prolong debate in parliament and not guillotine

  6. Goodness on said:

    Pls sir,will all this questions come out????

    • Anonymous on said:

      Pls sir are all this questions

  7. Dell boy on said:

    Hope it’s gonna be the exact questions

    • Salami Saheed on said:

      with this article I am sure my score will be between 250-350 by the grace of Allah.Am so gratful.

  8. Miracle Godwin on said:

    With this sir I Know my success is sure,you have just given me area of Concentration,I really appreciate your efforts on this,God bless you sir

  9. Celestine on said:

    Thank u sir i really love it!

  10. Sulaiman taiwo on said:

    Thanks. No knowledge is waste

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Good work sir👍👍👍👍,tnx alot

  12. jaja on said:

    good nice one guys keep it up………..

    it made me get 311!!!!!

  13. Anonymous on said:


  14. Dorcas on said:

    pls will all dis questions come out

  15. Janiffer on said:

    Tnx alot sir

  16. Binwarebosteven on said:

    I have start mine but I think after reading the question and answers it will surely help thanks cause you just give me some exact point to read in govt

  17. SMITH CEE on said:


  18. Anonymous on said:

    tanks sir, u are angel

  19. Abdullateef aderinsola on said:

    very good,tanks alot

  20. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks alot for this, it was really helpful

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