Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers In Nigeria — 18 Comments

  1. Pamela on said:

    To me, the Slourish Affiliate program is the best due to the opportunities it accords to affiliates. You earn per click, per signup and per conversion. Up to N10ek recurring income per referral! And there is no minimum withdrawal plus its free & easy to signup.

  2. Okere Daniel on said:

    I am quite grateful, more strength to your elbow.

  3. Ojo Iszy on said:

    I was looking for affiliate programs in Nigeria and I found this article.
    Oboy, am I glad I opened it to read. Very informative and the personal touch is what cut it for me. I like it when people teach or share from experience and not all philosophy and hear-say.

    -ojo iszy

    From ojoiszydotcom (one day everyone on the internet would be a cybersecurity guru)

  4. Rev Adewale Joseph on said:

    This is great! Pls I need your phone number or email

  5. Isaac on said:

    What if I dont have a blog can’t I also do affiliate marketing?

  6. Siyanbola on said:

    Hello Isaac! Pls how do I receive dollar payment to my local accnt in Nigeria (UBA)?
    ..Pls WhatsApp me: 0816 945 9318

  7. Soneye Saheed on said:

    These are great affiliate programmes with high discounts. One of the highest paying affiliate program is Glo affiliate program

  8. OLADAPO on said:

    The issue i have with ipage affilaite is that I don’t have paypal account. Did you use paypal?

  9. Iboi Moses on said:

    Big man.. ..sincerely dis is one post I could read over and over again…..its a good one

  10. Promise on said:

    Woah…Sir Isaac. Maximum respect. This is a very informative post I have learnt a whole lot. Keep it up.

  11. DNN on said:

    Stopped by to check out your blog good brother. Saw you on and wanted to give you a shoutout from the United States of America in the State of Delaware. DNN is originally from Flatbush Brooklyn, New York City born and raised but a Delaware head now for over 20+ years. Stop by DNN sometime and browse around. Stay connected and keep up the good work with your blogging. Just checked you out on Amexa and you’re ranking is EXCELLENT in Nigeria! 🙂

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