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How To Receive Google Adsense Payment With GTbank & First Bank Nigeria — 24 Comments

  1. Nonso TrendsOfLegends on said:

    Thanks for this information, just to be on the safest side, YOU SAID THAT IT MUST NOT BE A DOLLAR ACCOUNT (although it was stated that it should be DOLLAR ACCOUNT in the payment details page)?

    I have FIRST BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT, so I can use it and the money will go directly into the savings account in Naira?

    Waiting for your reply

    • Nonso TrendsOfLegends on said:



      Oga Isaac, I am not saying that your information is not correct.

      I am only asking to be sure that one can use Nigerian Bank Savings account details (if there was no Dollar account).

      You know that Google too “SMART”: they may tag one’s mistake as FRAUDULENT ACT and sanction the user; and you know what it feels like to receive certain NO-REPLY MAIL (Smiles).


        • Nonso TrendsOfLegends on said:

          Please, do you know if anyone has used FIRST BANK savings account recently to do so? I know of persons who have successfully used GTB, but have not seen any who used FBN.

  2. Raphael Orji on said:

    Wao, I’m loving this like bae..

    This is the best information I’ve come across this year.

    Thank you very much admin for sharing this piece.

  3. Uzor Joseph on said:

    Google asked me to verify my payment by providing national id card please is this stage also important

    • Any official document will do. E.g International passport, Nepa bill, bank statement, etc

  4. chris edozie on said:

    wow…So I don’t need to own a dollar account before I can receive AdSense payment, am good to go with my Gtbank Naira bank Account? does it also work with fidelity bank?

    thanks for the info

    • It works with any bank and you don’t need to own dollar account before you can receive Adsense payment

  5. oliver on said:

    How can i apply for Nigeria Adsense on my blog site

    • Kwise on said:

      After all this process when or how do you get to withdraw the money you have, having beat the threshold requirements?

  6. Agbor Junior on said:

    Hello Flash Isaac. I will like to know if UBA bank is accepted as a merchant bank in google play. Thank you

  7. jp on said:

    mine istwo days now not reflected yet should i be worried?

  8. jay on said:

    Hello friend how long does it take AdSense payment to appear in my First Bank Savings Account because it has been five days now that I have been waiting for my payment

    • within three days… However, there was a time it took one week before I got it

  9. ay on said:

    Hello ,thanks for the info ,its written on that payment page that Nigerian account should be in dollars.Does this means I have to have a domiciliary account before I can receive payment

    • I don’t know where you got your info… But you can receive payment with any account. Whether naira account or Dollar

  10. Moses on said:

    In my AdSense account. I see that.. They say. Dey will send a Pin. To my Mail .that I will receive it with 10days . if I don’t I should clic resend pin.

    But have don’t that several time.. I don’t get again. Can u pls explain .. Pls. I have almost $37 , have been trying since my AdSense reach 11$

    • Anonymous on said:

      Try again, change address to include your phone number and ensure you use appropriate postal code of the nearest post office to you. Also to the post office to notify them that you’re expecting a mail.

  11. Oliver Ganiyu on said:

    Hello Isaac,

    can I just use the SWIFT BIC you provide and my naira account name now without contacting the bank?

  12. Oty Emmanuel on said:

    Thanks Isaac i just use this to add a payment method on my adsense account with GTB.

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