Learn SEO SO5E7: How To Manually Verify Google AdSense Account — 25 Comments

  1. Nightingale on said:

    Hello, Thanks for the information. Please for me, my students ID has the address at the back, can I scan both the front and back?

    Please I need your answer on this.

    From Ghana

  2. Ena on said:

    Thanks for enlightening me on this. I want to ask if i can use P.O .BOX on my address.

  3. Roleola santana on said:

    Please can I verify my account with only my statement of account. I use wema bank .is the bank OK or should I change the bank

  4. Ceo Ikhile on said:

    Gud day flashisaac
    I received a mail from admob stating that my adunit has been disabled because I hadn’t sent a mean of identification…..
    I ve tried to verify three times with a drivers licence and tge temporary NIN…

    What step shud I take to reactivate.
    Shud I preferably sent my bank statement and school ID card….wud it be accepted?

  5. ekow on said:

    i have requested manual approval, my pin hasn’t come after 1 month, i applied late last year.

    its been 2 days of manual request..still waiting… should send another email?

    • You are supposed to apply for manual approval four weeks after requesting your third pin

  6. Eniola on said:

    Please how do I increase my Adsense cpc.
    And also how much traffic do I need to earn $200

    • David Obire on said:

      Increase in cpc is based on niche, the niche you blog for determine your cpc. News blogs, entertainment blogs have very low cpc.
      While niche such as tech, finance, insurance has high cpc, i do get $2.05 cpc some days in my niche which is finance. In addition to my response, getting ads click from countries (such as USA, UK, Europe, Canada etc), will increase your cpc rate. I hope this helps?

  7. Eniola on said:

    please can I use my school p. m. b address to receive the pin

  8. vincent on said:

    Hi @fast learner. Nice post. Pls how were u paid, via payoneer or check?

  9. john on said:

    hello, I am John. I am facing a similar problem now as yours. i applied for my pin with my college Address. and how can i check the payee name so that i wont be different from the one I am gonna submit to ADsense for verification prof.

  10. James on said:

    thanks for your post!
    please how can I edit my address , to apply for a new pin for the 2nd time. As the address is not editable?

  11. Gabriel on said:

    Please am I going to be sending the document as an image or pdf file

  12. Gabriel on said:

    Please how can I upload the document, am I to scan first

  13. Nikhil Makwana on said:

    Thanks for sharing the great post.

    I think Adsense PIN verification is a huge headache for people now.

    I am planning to apply for Adsense for my new blog within a month, and I truly required something like this to know the crucial points about Adsense.

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