Google AdSense Review Process And Address Verification — 67 Comments

  1. Sir, please help review my blog and check for errors

    I still haven’t been approved, thanks

  2. Thanks, but should I still put the Google adsense code in my layout, or I should just keep posting and wait for their approval because I applied since last month and it was 20 hour’s ago they reply me

  3. Hello Mr Isaac, I got a message that my site is now fully approved, but when I logged in my adsense account,they said your site is under preview, can you imagine that, please this my website,
    Please help me to clarify the problem and how I can get the second review by adsence, will really appreciate

  4. sir I applied for google adsense today and I was sent an email saying that insufficient conyent and too many images and flash animations

  5. Hello,
    What a nice info.
    About your last piece of the pie which says “DONT PASTE THE ADSENSE CODE IN THE HEADER, how do you recocile that with Google directive.
    My adsense was deactivated after years of non-use and I now want to use it again, which requires reapplying process.
    I did and was turned down because “Site does not comply with Google policies” (its a new site with about 10 posts.)

    According to their instruction, I should paste the code between the and tags

    So how do I go about it. Go with your recommended plugin or stick with Google directive?

    • The choice is your… More than 50 persons have gotten Adsense approval using this guide.

      Now here are the reasons:
      According to Google, you should place the code in your header.php. However, in a situation where you have empty pages or categories, the header Ad code will still appear in all of them. This could be one cause of insufficient content.

      If you are sure that you don’t have empty pages or categories you can freely paste the code in the header. Good Luck

  6. Hi,

    My theme has a Header section in the Theme Options. I have copy pasted the adsense code and hence the ad-sense code persists on every page and post of my blog. What is the best practice. I read your blog post above that WP Quads will allow to place the ad-code on only the pages, which has traffic and completed content.

    1)is this true? how to do it? I couldn’t figure out yet any good tutorials on Wp Quads.
    2)Where adcode should be placed for getting successful approval from adsense
    3)Is this the only issue with my blog (placing the adcode in generic header section)


    • Instal Wp Quads plugin from wordpress directory…. Go to settings and place the code in the ad blocks.

      A very simple alternative is Insert post ads plugin. Install the plugin, click on ad new, paste the code and choose after content as the ads placement, then… save.. done

      Ensure to remove the code in the header and every other part of your blog.

      When you still don’t get approval, reach me using the contact form…

  7. Hi Isaac,

    I have been rejected by ad sense twice with the reason “Insufficient Content”.
    Here is the link to my site

    Please have a look at it. I did consider the following when I applying for adsense
    1) First time when I applied, I applied with 20 articles. None of my articles are less than 700 words. It has

    images created by my own. Second time When I applied I tried with 35 articles. Again all of the posts are

    having bare minimum number of words atleast 700 words. In facts majority of my articles has more than

    1000 and 2000 words in length.

    2) My niche is related to the project management tutorials. Traffic to the site is also considerably good.

    3) I have created all the pages required by google such as About Us, contactus, privacy, disclaimer, terms, etc…

    4) My theme has a header section, where I have pasted my adsense approval code. Hence this applies to all the posts and pages in my blog.

    I am not able to figure out what is going wrong on my blog for adsense to reject. Can you please look at my blog advice me.

    Looking forward for your valuble inputs.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Issac pls I need ur help jst check my blog design and see if u can help me fix a Lil stuff, my contents are well over 500 words pls reply via my gmail thnks!!!

  9. Hi Isaac, your post have been of great help. Just this last time i applied for adsense, Google sent me a mail saying ‘Great News, live ads now showing on your blog’. And truly, ads were showing on my blog. After that i got series of emails from adsense saying ‘get to know your audience’ and how i should ‘Make small changes’ to my adsense account. But any time i login i keep on getting this reply ‘your account is under review, will mail after 3 days’ and so. After the long wait i got the message of disapproval, now my question is, why was ads showing on my blog if i had not yet placed ads codes on my blog??

  10. Hi! I’m a bit lost. How do you exactly configure the Google AdSense plug-in on WordPress? I have been already given the code for the second step and pasted it on the header.php file. However, I am thinking of doing your Step 3 but nothing in the plug-in has something to edit/configure.

    When I click settings, it only has: Your AdSense application has been received. You will receive an email when your AdSense account has been created. When you receive that email, please come back to the AdSense Plugin to configure where to show your ads on your site.

    Do I click ‘Edit’ instead? Where to paste then? Thanks!

    • You don’t need to modify anything in the plugin. It interacts directly with your adsense account. Activate the plugin, enable mobile ads. Then configure the ads. No placement of adsense code required…. Still confused?

  11. Hi Isaac, this post is really wonderful. I really appreciate your efforts and time you putting to let new bloggers know about right direction. Well, I am a high school teacher and I have my own blog which I started in March this year without any intention of using Adsense. My blog is about university portfolio, admission information, and guide []. By the time I had written about 40 universities my friend told me about Adsense and all that. In short, I came to apply for it 2 weeks ago and got rejected at 2nd step. They reviewed and told me that my site has “Insufficient content”. I believe none of the pages on my blog are less than 500 words. Can you please have a look and suggest me what might be wrong I couldn’t get approve and what really should I focus on to get through. I will be very thankful to you. Have a good day.

    • You have a nice blog and great content. I have learnt one or two things from your blog. My suggestion is that you should add excerpts in your home page so that Google can have enough texts to crawl. It will help you solve insufficient content issue…

  12. Bro Isaac,u knw,i’m not a money obsessed teen but i was wondering how one would receive payments made from blog on paypal since international money transactions on nigeria atm cards has been suspended….can u please clarify.?

  13. Hi, Isaac.
    I’ve followed the steps you recommended. My sister is still under review. Can you have a look at my site please; to see if it meets the standard.

  14. Besides my site is still in review doing changes in placing the adcodes is going to effect the reviewal process?

  15. hello isaac read your article, i was just curious, if i should implement the codes for the second step approval, with google adsense plugin, on all the posts or just one single post?

    • Yes, Implement the code for second step approval with the Google AdSense plugin. It allows you to configure your site and place ads in all your posts with just one setting. It usually shows home page, single post and error page placement. Gooogle will then monitor and regulate it. The blank will automatically be removed from pages that do not meet AdSense demand. After approval, you can delete the plugin if you like, For me, I am still using the plugin.

  16. Am a blogger, and I have been accepted. Though it took time but I will say that Google AdSense is very easy to get if you follow those stipulated rules the stated for a site that’s about to apply. It’s simple. And if you’re rejected, read the reason why you’re rejected and work on that reason for let’s Say some weeks and apply again. Don’t be in a rush. Good luck

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