Google AdSense Review Process And Address Verification — 69 Comments

  1. Williams on said:

    please Isaac,check out my site …my contents are 100% unique.. buy I keep getting the exact last response you mentioned in this article “you do not meet the criteria”.
    pls help. I’ve read and followed all program policies

    • I noticed your topics are more about making money, and the user experience isn’t that amazing. I also noticed you don’t have SSL installed. Your featured image layout and URL structured isn’t great. I didn’t take time to read the articles, but if your content is okay and you have fixed other minor issues, then reapply.

  2. Emmanuel anaso on said:

    Sir, please help review my blog and check for errors

    I still haven’t been approved, thanks

  3. humble on said:

    isaac am being so curious, is those laws applicable to entertainment website/blog??

  4. Anonymous on said:

    How to u close unproven Google adsense account

  5. Ifiokobong Akpan on said:

    Nice one. It’s Ifiokobong sighting you from

  6. Fix ssl issue in your blog…. Just calm down. When review takes time, it means you are likely to get approved. You would get message from Google soon.

  7. Amas Dave on said:

    Great Job Mr Isaac. There’s ? here. Flashlearners rocks menh. Keep flying

  8. Mr Prosper on said:

    Thanks, but should I still put the Google adsense code in my layout, or I should just keep posting and wait for their approval because I applied since last month and it was 20 hour’s ago they reply me

  9. Mr Prosper on said:

    Hello Mr Isaac, I got a message that my site is now fully approved, but when I logged in my adsense account,they said your site is under preview, can you imagine that, please this my website,
    Please help me to clarify the problem and how I can get the second review by adsence, will really appreciate

    • Check back later, your account will be fully activated. Congratulations in Advance.

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