Step By Step Guide To Register Jamb 2021 — 227 Comments

  1. chizzy on said:

    pls i just sent my name to 55019 to open a profile wit d same number i used last year, n have nt gotten a response, wats d problem?
    pls i need a response now.

  2. hadeollha on said:

    what if i dont have my o level with me but it is scanned on my mail

  3. I.g on said:

    I registered jamb I have not received any message on my jamb creation account

  4. Rex on said:

    Please sir I just paid for the pin and I’m yet to receive the ePIN. Please how fast would I receive it?

  5. Henry on said:

    Good day Sir/Ma’am

    I tried created a profile,but the exam years is showing me 2019

  6. john on said:

    please,I have my national diploma, can i apply for direct entry, at the same time apply for utme the same year?

  7. Muhammadan on said:

    I used last year number to get my profile code for this year(2020) and same profile code of last year was sent to me so I used same email again to register the jamb
    Hope no problem

  8. Muhammadan on said:

    I was not given admission last year (2091) so I used my former number and email to register for (2020) hope no problem

  9. dorcas on said:

    in total how much can be spent in registering jamb will it be upto 8thousand…

  10. Samuel on said:

    Is national Id card be needed for jamb registration?

  11. abednego on said:

    pls sir i dont have gmail acount can i open it nw

  12. EDET VICTORY on said:


  13. Benjamin on said:

    sir I just heard jamb doesn’t need NIN for this year’s exam again is it true?

  14. Anonymous on said:

    Please is the age in nin going to appears in registration of jamb 2020 or will my 2020 jamb carries my nin age

  15. ammar salisu ismail on said:

    are the going to use national ID card for registration

  16. Nwokoma Adaeze on said:

    This my first time of Written jamb….
    and I need help ..thank u

      • Anonymous on said:

        Please will my jamb 2020 going to carry my nin age during registration

  17. Sani umar sani on said:

    Sir how I can’t register jamb while I am villager

    • salis ahmad sulaiman on said:

      sir i want to score jamb how can i do

  18. christabel on said:

    sir can I register for jamb now before next year

  19. oncallcentral on said:

    mistake in uploading my Waec to jamb last year n admission was not giving to me so someone told me that I should go to any CBT n upload it, is there any guarantee that I will be giving admission if I upload it,or should I go ahead n purchase another jamb form this year. Pls I need ur answer

    • Dorcas on said:

      Yes go for another jamb this year

  20. John on said:

    Please sir/ma, help us to reopen the DE portal for we that got the information late can apply. thanks

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