How To Score 350 And Above In Jamb 2021 — 81 Comments

  1. Elisha Jerome John on said:

    Thank U very much sir i pray for success in this Jamb

  2. Puriyy on said:

    Tnx a lot
    I pray to attain d height i wanna attain


  3. Judith on said:

    Thanks sir these is really really a good solution for we the candidates

  4. Hephzibah on said:

    Thanks am going to practice what u said

    • Sulaimon Kudirat Onoshile on said:

      Thank u sir , I will make sure I study harder than before so that my jamb score can bring smile on my face

  5. Oseikhuemen william on said:

    Thank you very much sir
    This was very helpful to me

  6. deborah on said:

    Thanks a lot sir

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you!

    • Eniqs on said:

      I have attempted scoring 350 in jamb twice… first score was 259,second score was 232… M sure this article will help me to achieve my dream of 350 this time around… 2020

  8. Anonymous on said:

    This information is very helpful thanks

  9. Victory onosetale on said:

    God bless you sir

  10. Anonymous on said:

    I want to write physics, chemistry, Mathematics and England.

  11. Peter Daniel on said:

    I want to write jamb next year please I need your help

    • Anonymous on said:

      I think it is a good idea for us

  12. chioma praise on said:


  13. Blessing on said:

    Thank you very much Sir.

  14. Jessica on said:

    Thank you so much

  15. Hon Abasse Nkanta on said:

    THANK you for this
    May God bless you

  16. musa zaharadeen on said:

    me too i want to pass accounting encomics english maths i really need god help this time aroung cos i seat for it last year i dont want fail it again sir

  17. Ekpenyong Imo Ufe. on said:

    Thank you for this word of encouragement. I have written jamb more than 3 times now and this is the 4 time please my course is micro i really want God to see me through,and i’m believing God to help me this year to get admission.please I still need more of it.thanks and God bless you.

  18. ahmad muhammad on said:

    tank you every much

    • agwa fortune on said:


  19. MATTY CHUTTE on said:

    i want the God that did it for other to do it for me ooooo. i left school 2017 and am still at home…. please i want God to help me pass jamb this year… Amen

  20. teriza yauri on said:

    I need prayers cuz I sat fr jamb lst yr and am also writing dis yr to see if I can change my course to medicine and surgery my dream course. At least 320 by Gods grace.Tnxs

  21. Gladys jonah on said:

    Sir please I want to pass jamb these year 2019 economic commerce accounting and English sir I really need ur help sir

  22. Anonymous on said:

    pls, sire
    why do jamb don’t send list to second choice institutes?

  23. U. C on said:

    Nice thanks

    • Gladys jonah on said:

      Sir please I want to pass jamb these year 2019 economic commerce accounting and English sir I really need ur help sir

  24. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks I pray for success for us writing jamb dis year o

  25. Ende Terkuma Dominic on said:

    much pleasant with this write-up.Much of use,sir.

  26. winney Jules on said:

    Motivating one indeed! thanks for all that
    God’s assurance is ours
    And More power to ur elbow

  27. Anonymous on said:

    Tanks sir for boosting my courage

  28. Goodluck favor on said:

    Sir I need to pass jamb this year whether the devil like it’s or not pls help me bro

  29. Anonymous on said:

    Pleace i need objective jamb literature in English and government and commerce and use of English 2019 jamb

  30. senjess ben on said:

    thanks a lot for your guide l appreciate

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