Jamb Series Part 23: Books Worth Reading For Jamb Physics — 19 Comments

  1. the past questions is it that of Johnson publishers cos that’s the one I v been reading how about it.

  2. Am not afraid of jamb again because all my friends pass with high scores from ExamplotӢcom in 2017 over 270 all of them,So I will use them too for jamb no shaking

  3. These are cool books, I can remember reading Fundamentals of Physic by Nelkon, M and Advanced Level Physics by Nelkon, M and Parker at a public library and I really love them.

    Personally, I believe it’s better to read New school Physics or Senior Secondary School Physics by Okeke, P. N and Anyakoha together with Lamlard Physics for the calculation aspects.

    Then, if you want to advance your Physics knowledge especially in the theoretical aspects,
    -Comprehensive Certificate Physics by Olumuyionwa A. and Ogunkoya O. O,
    -Fundamentals of Physic by Nelkon, M and;
    -Advanced Level Physics by Nelkon, M and Parker
    can now follow.
    These 3 textbooks are a little bit advanced and a physics beginner might not find them helpful unless you are good with the basics of physics.

    This is just my own view from experience. Well, kudos to you. I love those textbooks you mentioned.

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