Jamb Series Part 27: How To Solve Jamb Mathematics Without Scientific Calculator — 19 Comments

  1. Paul on said:

    Fantastic 💙 thanks alot🙏

  2. hezekiah victor on said:

    tankx sir

  3. Simi on said:

    I will try my best to use this method
    Thank you sir

  4. Bolex badmus on said:

    Plsss I don’t really understand dis mathematics sir
    Pls help me out

  5. Anonymous on said:

    plsss I don’t really understand how to solve mathematics questions
    plsss how do I go about it in jamb
    plsss my exam date is fast aproching
    plsss help me

  6. Ebite bright emmanuel on said:

    God bless you so much.

  7. Amazing on said:

    Thanks so much

  8. Anonymous on said:


  9. Rabiat muhammed on said:

    thanks so much
    may the lord increase your understandin

  10. Eprianjosh on said:

    Wow God help us and thank u for ur support may God continue to bless u abondantly

  11. Abubakar on said:

    U say subscription is imposible but people are pasin

  12. Btr on said:

    You are good bro

  13. Gerald chikezie on said:

    Indeed you are David of our time God will surely bless u for your work

  14. Quwam on said:

    pls i need the shortcut for post utme

  15. Martins on said:

    Cool, thanks

  16. A O on said:

    I will try and see…..

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