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Jamb Series Part 29: Jamb Candidates Can Use Rough Paper — 8 Comments

  1. Your butt on said:

    “12 signs your village people don’t want you to go to school” LMAO!!

  2. Your butt on said:

    “12 signs village people dont want you to go to school” LMAOOOOOO!!

  3. Your butt on said:

    Lol I love your humor *thanks though

  4. Grace on said:

    I’ve really been thinking about this pencil and rough paper thing and I’m satisfied with the answer I’ve gotten. Thank you flash Learners

  5. Ganiyu Kareem opeyemi on said:

    Thank God am really happy

  6. Johnson Ugochukwu on said:

    Thank God one can do rough work. I have always thought of that.
    I use this opportunity to say a very bog thank you to flash learners website for all the valuable advices they have offered.
    God bless.

  7. DNC on said:

    Thank God if pencil is allowed

  8. Soneye Saheed on said:

    Great article. But, even now, JAMB doesn’t allow pen again. Only pencil and rough paper are allowed.

    JAMB Registrar said some candidates used electronic pen to cheat last year

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