Honest Review: Yoast SEO vs Rank Math Plugin — 5 Comments

  1. Okechukwu on said:

    Please i am new blogger and i have been using Rank Maths since i started the blog. Tho the rank maths is fine as you describe it, but the problem that i am having now is since i have been posting, my post doesn’t appear on Google search, rather my page urls are the ones showing.
    Please what could be the problem to this?

  2. Michael Barry on said:

    Good work here Isaac.
    Actually, I have as well used both plugins on my different blogs and my discoveries are no much different from what you just dissected here.
    Other reviews I have come across so far are not honest enough (they looked paid).. Mathew Woodward praising Rankmath gets me upset always.

    If there’s any plugin I’d advise anyone to go for it’ll be *The SEO Framework* because it’s natural whitehat and won’t tell you to write a specific number of posts for ranking purpose.

    Though, of all said none of this plugins will guarantee your ranking except you have well structured contents backed up with relevant backlinks.

    ☮️ peace!

    • Very true, none of these plugins guarantee a high ranking. Ranking to large extent depends on your knowledge of the topic in question. Thanks Michael Barry for your contribution. The SEO Framework is cool too.

  3. Saheed on said:

    This is a very detailed guide. More importantly, you tried both out yourself before the review and gave out your own opinions in addition to the things everyone can see on their respective websites.

    I’ve seen a few bloggers that compare 2 similar plugins, and a they do is copy everything that is on each of their websites for a review.

    Thanks Isaac for this review. The Harsh of Shoutmeloud is still funny though, some of those people just get paid for review (PS: I didn’t mention any names).

    Either ways, keep up the great work here.

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