How to Check JAMB CAPS Admission Status 2020 And Accept Or Reject — 940 Comments

  1. I opened my jamb caps before and it worked now am trying to open it again with d same username and password but it isn’t opening pls I need ur assistance

  2. I check my jamb postal is showing not yet admitted…..and the schools list is already out….and I can’t find my name their….

  3. my name is not in EBSU portal to propose me for admission. Have uploaded more times yet no show. Direct entry

  4. Pls sir,I scored above my departmental cut off mark in Unical but yet to be admitted.
    Average of 254.5 for radiography which cut off mark is 250

  5. Please sir i just uploaded my result in jamb portal yesterday do i still have hope of getting admission… entry

  6. Pls sir if i check my adimission status it shows you are yet recomended for adimission and the school has closed her adimission pls what can i do.

  7. pls jamb has not given me admission if i check it will always say still processing
    Help me out sir

  8. Pls Sir, I have uploaded my result on jamb portal since las week Friday, ceod oro in affiliated with eksu has given me admission, but jamb has not given me admission, and the coed fees has been paid,pls help me out on time,those people that uploaded the same day has been given admission

  9. I mistakingly accept admission in a school but don’t like d course and another school gave me admission with the course of my choice but I can’t proceed my clearance bcos of the first acceptance.How do I declined my admission with school so I can continue with the new one.

  10. My admission status is still showing me admission in progress” for almost two months now up till date there’s no change.what should I do?

  11. Pls sir anytime I try checking my admission status on jamb caps and its saying invalid credentials and this was d same details I used in my registration. Pls wat should I do

    • i think it is better for school to give you admission and do not have it with jamb than for jamb to give you and do not have it with the school because school decide what to do with you because they gave you the admission.

  12. Please I need help is 8 of January 2019 now and I got 188 in my jamb 2018
    So I don’t know why jamb is still delaying to give me admiton
    Each time I check it say’s sorry no Admiton is given yet
    Will jamb still give admiton this year?

  13. Sir, I can’t found any payment detail on my profile and I have no been admitted. Kindly help me out sir.

  14. pls sir I change my course on Fuoye portal to educational management BT on jamb portal it showing business Adm nd I ask people wat to do nd they told me to change my course on jamb portal nd I do so BT d course don’t change pls wat is going on

  15. sir my school have given me admission but but my caps is saying not admitted yet for a very long time now

  16. Pls sir my jamb cabs is writing not yet admmited and my school have not given me admission yet pls where is the falut coming from. Naspoly

  17. have being given addmission into Fuoye but jamb has not given addmission,its just showing Not admitted.
    What should I do

  18. If on the jamb caps it showing no admission given yet us there any possible way I can get admission….

  19. I dont undastand
    i can’t login my gmail
    it sayinq wronq password
    i have try my best but it didnt change

  20. I have been given admission in to (basug)but I was unable to print my admission shows sorry no admission is given yet

  21. Any time I checked it shows not yet admitted . I scored 207 in jamb and wrote the post UTME in BUK which is my first choice.

  22. Pls sir my jamb cabs is writing not yet admmited and my school have not given me admission yet pls where is the falut coming from

  23. To be precise Fulafia my direct entry is not giving me course to worry. Can there be solution to this?

  24. please on my jamb caps is showing not admitted,is there any possibility that it could change to admitted or recommended later?

  25. Please sir Isaac how many other lists are yet to come out? Over curiosity is worrying me…..
    mine is writing admission not offered yet, even in the school portal…..Unical precisely….
    thanks for your anticipated answers sir

  26. Please I have uploaded my “o”level more than two times even in jamb office awka,but up till now it continues telling me to go and update my O level, please help me


  28. I just checked my admission profile I saw d the course there but my admission status is showing me “admission in progress,check back later” does it mean the course was given to me by the school?

  29. If on the jamb caps is showing not admitted, is there any possibility that it could change to admitted or recommended later?

  30. ѕιr ι don’т ĸwn waт ιѕ goιng on wιтн nѕυĸ ι aм ѕιcĸ oғ ѕιттιng aт нoмe нelp мe out

  31. my Q is dat theve release my sch admission list bida poly buh am checking my admission it says no admission is given yet

  32. I uploaded my o level but can’t see it in jamb profile and also if i check my jamb caps it says not admitted yet pls what’s the problem

  33. sir please every time I check my admission status it says no admission is given yet and the school I am going will still do their matriculation I not for the strike and I tried at least I got 5 credits,above 250 in jamb and high mark in post utme please help me and look into it sir time is going

  34. hello good morning sir. my here is that why my school is give admission and jamb they didn’t give me why please

  35. Please I want to know what the problem is , my bro. Did DE, and he got 13 point in his aggregate. And his name is yet to be out in UI Admission list. Pls what can be the cause or do DE Admission different?

  36. hi,when i log in to jamb caps to check my admission status it just shows welcome and there is no icon for options;please what do i do?

  37. School offered me admission, but wen i went into school portal I couldn’t see my name there.

    And I went to jamb caps it shows not admission given yet plz wat ix d problems??? Urgent answer plzz.

  38. Up to now i don’t see my jamb admission and the school are releasing, please what step should I follow now?

  39. sir please have been admitted in school but am not yet admitted on jamb website. what can I do sir?

  40. Pls help I was given admission on jamb caps and also on school portal but with different courses in both,pls what shld I do

  41. I applied for the Bauchi state university and I did all necessarily things like online screening, physical screening as well as uploading my o level result they release admission,I went to check and the language they are telling me is you are not admitted yet ,pls i needed your help but its DE

    • Pls I Was Text A Message By Jamb That Have Been Offer Admission On Caps But I Check My Caps Not Yet Admit

  42. I don’t see my jamb adimission letter,sir which steps should i follow and i have already upload my o’level since but no admission yet.

  43. My school has given me admission but jamb caps have not given me admission I was told 2 upload my o’level but still no progress and I have already upload my o’ level since on Friday, I just finish checking it but it says no admission given yet What will I do now?

  44. Pls haven’t heard anything concerning giving admission in Oko.
    Hope there’s no problem?

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