JAMB CAPS Admission Status Checker 2020 (Accept Or Reject) — 946 Comments

  1. seun on said:

    pls sir school av gv me admission BT on jamb cap it was showing admission in process

    • ........ on said:

      Just calm down

  2. waheedshakirat on said:

    Thanks sir

  3. anonymous on said:

    after checking marketplace, i saw “no data returned.” hope theres no problem like this sha

  4. Ecash on said:

    I have been offered admission by jamb cap’s but my course of study was changed I’m waiting for my school to release the 2nd batch admission list because I’m a p.d student d que is that am i on a safe side if i don’t accept the admission given to me by jamb cap’s and does that mean i would not be considered admission anymore if i don’t accept the offer quickly

  5. Tife on said:

    My jamb cap shows approved… Should I accept it??

  6. prisca joy on said:

    Good evening sir
    I checked mine,what I saw was sorry no admission is given yet,should I still have hope,I am almost dying of heart attack. Pls help me

  7. isaiah on said:

    I was admitted by Lasu to study transport management technology instead of electronic and computer engineering but the problem is that I was not able to accept the admission within 72 hours and am yet to accept and my jamb status is saying you are yet to be admitted. Pls Sir what should I do because Lasu have given me admission

  8. Happiness imo on said:

    Pls sir,i login to the caps, it said that other sckool is considering me for an admission and their is no place to accept or to reject, pls what does that means Because I’m tired of writing jamb, this my 7th times, pls help me

  9. onaolami on said:

    good day sir, you’ve been doing a good job all the way…. I have a question…. I opened my caps portal yesterday and I saw congratulations and all that then I accepted the admission and it showed record successfully uploaded and now I’m opening the caps portal again but under the admission status I’m seeing accept and reject faintly….please I don’t understand what it means… am I safe?

      • onaolami on said:

        thank you sir

  10. lawal on said:

    Please sir, I saw approved in caps. Can I accept the admission offered to me?

  11. Ademidun on said:

    I am a DE candidate but Whenever I login to my account, I don’t see caps.When I tried my bro info who is a it means candidate, I saw it’s.
    Is OT that caps is not applicable to DE?

    • anonymous on said:

      i dont think it is

  12. edwin on said:

    sir plz if a candidate does not accept his caps admission on time what is his fate

  13. Harmony on said:

    What’s admission in progress pls check back later

  14. Anjolaoluwa on said:

    excuse me sir I logged in on my jamb profile but found the page blank with just ” welcome back”. pls what should I do

  15. Xavier on said:

    I checked the caps portal as usual, when I got to my page,it displayed admission acceptance page and it showed my personal profile and admission profile. In the admission profile it showed
    COURSE OFFERED-chemical engineering
    ADMISION STATUS- not admitted
    And i accepted feeling that it was d course offered I accepted. Am I on the right track?

    • Justmercy on said:

      hi Xavier…same here, it showed
      course offered- business management
      admission status- NOT ADMITTED
      and I scored 53% in the PUTME, wats ur own score?
      I don’t knw if dead going to be another list

  16. Mary on said:

    Please sir, my school of choice have released their first admission list, my name is not on the list I check my cap status is showing me admission in progress check back later. Please do I hope?

  17. Segun on said:

    Hi sir/ma’am
    I try checking my portal as instructed
    But all I could see it “WELCOME” I tried it on google chrome
    Same thing
    Desktop mode
    Same thing

    Please is they anything I could do about it ?

  18. micheal on said:

    mine is still showing me not admitted.. but when I checked the market place.. I saw Madonna university, accept or reject??
    and I need my main school I put not that Madonna, should I still wait

  19. waheedshakirat on said:

    I had 278 in jamb and 63.2 in post utme and yet to be admitted should I still wait

  20. Jonathan Felicia on said:

    pls Sir, I need a direction on how I can check my admission status

  21. Bidemi on said:

    Sorry pls has federal poly Kaduna released admmision list…wen I also check. Caps it didn’t ask for my registration number it just login immediately… And it shows av been offered admission to study mass com, I didn’t click accept cos am hoping to get admitted in a better school…. But d question is wot if am not offered another admission will I loss d first one

  22. Timileyin on said:

    please what I saw on my admission status was “RECOMMENDED”. sir what does that mean

  23. kabri on said:

    my school released her admission list and I was given admission and when I check my status in jamb caps it is showing admission in progresse and others had seen theirs

  24. Anonymous on said:

    I already accepted the admission on caps but uni ilorin never release any list… Hope no problem sha

  25. bukonlami on said:

    hello.. i entered into my caps and all i saw was welcome and nothing else. please can you be of help to me. thank you.

    • bukonlami on said:

      unilag 1st choice.

  26. Dairo Oluwasheyi on said:

    I forgot my e-mail address and password what do I do

  27. Anonymous on said:

    Pls im trying to login buh its not bringing the 2017 as d year of exam

  28. Mary on said:

    I saw Accepted as my Admission status and I saw only the Accepted button. Please what does it mean?

  29. Anonymous on said:

    Hello I did change of institution from UNILAG to Fuoye and I have done my screening in Fuoye but it hasn’t reflect on my cap platform. How would I be able to accept my Fuoye admission?

  30. Edwin chibuzo on said:

    Sir if a candidate did not accept the caps admission on time what is the candidates fate

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