How To Survive a Google Penalty In 2021 — 9 Comments

  1. Imo Chinweizu on said:

    When it comes to providing quality content, an average of how many words per post do you suggest?

    • 500 Words per article. But for a news blog, you may not be able to reach that.

      • Imo Chinweizu on said:

        Thank you Isaac

  2. Amena cliff on said:

    Nice post here Isaac

    Thanks for this

  3. Dada Eniola on said:

    Cool post Admin. learnt some things I never knew.

  4. Ayoola Olugbenga Daniel on said:

    Hi Isaac,
    Thanks for this helpful guide. From your article, I could see that I was building links the wrong way. I found out later that I was spamming. Well, I gave up on that and continue writing in-depth and helpful articles for my readers.

    Stay awesome,

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