SSCE Series Part 15: Waec Compulsory Subjects For Science, Arts & Commercial — 184 Comments

  1. What about civic and a trade subject(fishery animal husbandry e.t.c), are they no longer compulsory?

  2. I have a1 in English, a1 in mathematics,literature f9,civic c5,economic c4,commerce c3,government c4,I want to study artist
    it is qualified

  3. I have credits in mathematics, English, physics, agricultural science but failed chemistry and further mathematics(E8) and I got B2 in civic and catering craft practice and I want to study an engineering course how would I do it.

  4. Please I want to study mass communication but I failed literature in English
    What will I do or are my free to go

  5. what course can study with this result math c6 english c5 literature c4 govt b2 crs b3 economics c6 civic a1 data procesing c5 yoruba c6

    • You can study law, international relation, linguistics, mass communication, any art educational subject, English,

  6. Am a science student and i did not chose Yoruba in waec will it affect me , I wanna study biochemistry will it affect me

    • No. It will not affect you. In 2003 the Federal ministry of Education gave a waiver for Nigerian languages and until that waiver is lifted, all WAEC results with or without a Nigerian is valid

  7. As an art student, u need one science subject precisely Biology to sit for in ur ssce.Especially those going for law.

  8. I want to study economics in the university but I don’t didn’t write government in WAEc, can I still write it in jamb?

  9. am an art student but will not be writing biology and agric for WAEC hope it would not affect me? and want to study law

  10. as an art student,i want to write all my subjects including economics,data processing and food and nutrition but am not writing crk and i want to study mass communication,hope it will not affect me

  11. English, math, biology,civil education data processing, Yoruba, geography, chemistry physics. Hope the subject is okay for me? And I don’t do economics, hope it will not affect me. Many thanks

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