SSCE Series Part 15: Waec Compulsory Subjects For Science, Arts & Commercial — 184 Comments

  1. Who told you you must study physics, chemistry, biology, agric science and geography before you can say you are a science student. I am very grateful for the info but there are a couple of things you should know. Not every school does agric and not every science student does all of the above. It is important for you to know what you want to be as what you want to be falls under science,art or commercial. Some courses do not require every single subject to be completed. Pls do research

  2. Am a sciencr student and i want to b in nusing line, wat subject do i need to do.
    And wat course will i base on admission ?

  3. A a science student and i want to study nursing line
    Wat subject do i need to do
    And wat course can i base on admission?

    Please i need to know

  4. I want to be a lawyer nd I am offering math, English, Government, lit- in- English,Crs, marketing, civic, economics, language. is Biology a must do subject 4 me in waec?

    • My goodness… Why do you feel you are a commercial student???

      First question what do you want to study in the Tertiary level…

      However, Accounting, commerce, Literature Economics are very compulsory for Commercial student

  5. Maths English civic biology economics data processing physics chemistry and yoruba
    I want 2 study medicine and my subject combination okay

  6. I want to study computer science and I got c’s in physics, chemistry, mathematics, further mathematics, English, visual arts and computer science but d7 in both civic and fishery.Am I good to go?

  7. Please I want to study International Relations in the University so which subjects do I prepare for the Jamb exams?

  8. Please am not doing biology a and I am an art see student will it affect me because I want to study mass com

  9. Please am not doing biology a and I am an art see student will it affect me because I want to study mass com

  10. Please am going for mass comm what are subject am suppose to offer? And is biology compulsory for art student’s because I’m not doing it and what are the course under it

  11. I ve mathematics, English, economics,geography, bookkeeping and Yoruba BT d7 in commerce and account can I study accounting or which course can I study

    • yes. you can study accounting.

      jamb- eng, math, econ and government or commerce or will be okay for you.


  12. Can I study Accoutant Nd I go d7 in Commerce All are okay except Yoruba Which I have outstanding Am I free to go

  13. i passed english, chemistry,biology, civic, yoruba, maths but failed physics, futhermaths nd salesmanship. can any school give me a vital course pls.

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