Jamb 2021 Exam Date, Registration And Latest News — 1,414 Comments

  1. Olumi on said:

    Now you said that jamb Will be registerer on this 24th March what happened again.🙏🙏 Please which day will should expecting it now.

  2. Endurance George on said:

    Very interesting sites
    Am help out with this site thanks so much the author I appreciate…

  3. Itx obvious Mr lover on said:

    Is it true jamb registration will start today

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Will jamb form be released on the 24th

  5. Joseph fristar on said:

    I wanted asking
    Can I secure direct entry with ordinary diploma certificate instead of national diploma

  6. Marissa on said:

    Is jamb form released today?

  7. Bello Idris on said:

    Please which time jamb will start the registration

  8. Dorcas on said:

    What time will jamb form and date be released today?

  9. Olaosebikan Ayomide on said:

    I saw it online this morning that jamb registration has commenced today…is it true?

  10. Bakare tolani on said:

    Please is registration going on now

  11. Rocky one on said:

    Am happy to hear that jamb registration will soon start

  12. Huzaifa sulaiman kanwa kabo on said:

    When the jamb rigestration is been started

  13. zillions boss on said:

    When is jamb registration starting

    • Jeremiah AZi on said:

      which date did start jamb registration

  14. Iro omo Roseline on said:

    Am not too sure that jamb will been writing this year,but how I wish.

    • Kehinde on said:

      I need gov economic English and maths for jamb

  15. Kehinde on said:

    When is registration starting

    • Godwin on said:

      Yes let them tell is when 2021 will hold

  16. Anonymous on said:

    if there is jamb this year will admission been given same year….

    • Joseph odey on said:

      Is direct entry form out today?

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Thats good to hear

  18. ITODO EMMANUEL on said:


  19. Godwin Emmanuel on said:

    When will jamb registration for 2021 be starting.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Thats what i have been asking for since january

    • Abdul X-boy on said:

      Thats what i have been asking for since january

    • Jeremiah Azi on said:

      which date

  20. Usama nhc on said:

    Not sure that jamb form will be released b4 24 march 2021

    • Anonymous on said:

      People are already anouncing their is no jamb this year,and if there is jamb this year will admission been given same year….

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